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Innovative Coatings, Inc. – Secondary Operations

As we’ve mentioned before, here at Innovative Coatings, Inc., we offer you more than your average, bare-bones plastisol dip molding and plastisol dip coating services. Instead, we also offer you a myriad of secondary operations. These operations are complementary and value-adding services that we may perform before or after we dip mold or coat your products.

To save you time and money and to maintain continuity of vision, all of our secondary operations are conducted together on-site.

Categorized, our secondary operations include: In-House Tooling, Assembly, Die Cutting, Pad Printing and Packaging. Let’s learn a little about each!

In-house Tooling Shop

First, we have our own in-house tooling shop. Equipped with state-of-the-art metal working equipment, (Lathes, Milling machines, Ironworkers, Welders) we have the ability to expedite tooling and fixtures required to meet our customers requirements. The ability to take a customer’s job from the quoting stages through production and keep it all under one roof allows our engineers and production personnel to communicate and collaborate seamlessly and in the end, keep set-up costs down and pass the savings on to you the customer.

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Another secondary operation we can take off your hands is assembly. Whether your assembly requirements are pre-process or after the dip coating or molding we can get it done for you right here! Anything from attaching wire leads, hardware or labeling, let us know how we can add value to your coating or molding needs.

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Die Cutting

With many dip molded products, die-cutting and or slitting is an essential part of the finished product and fortunately for you, we have this technology on site. We can make quick, precise and intricate cuts in a single location or in multiple locations on the same molded product through a wide range of thicknesses with ease and consistent accuracy.

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Pad Printing

Our pad printing technology allows us to put that final touch on your product! Company logos, Identification, Product specifications and Instructions, all we need is a digital copy of your image and we can make it happen. If you don’t have one, let us know and we can help design one for you. We can print on almost any shape, surface or size with a wide variety of stock ink colors. If you require your ink to be custom color-matched…. consider it done.

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Finally, we offer comprehensive packaging services. We will take your product from production all the way through to finish packing. We will supply anything needed to ensure that your product is transported safely. This includes items such as bagging, inserts, labeling, and boxing.

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Innovative Coatings, Inc. has been in the coating services business for nearly half a century. During that time, we’ve established ourselves as a trusted dip molding and dip coating supplier. Our primary dip molding and dip coating services include: plastisol dip molding, plastisol dip coating, fluidized bed powder coating, nylon coating, vinyl coating and coating with customized formulas. Based out of Medway, Massachusetts, we can ship anywhere within the United States, Canada and Mexico. Contact us today and request a quote! We look forward to working with you.