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Plastisol PVC Dip Molding

How does it work?

First, we fabricate a male mold which exactly duplicates the part you wish to create a molded covering, grip or cap for. This can be done by machining steel, aluminum or in many cases creating a casting. The mold is then heated to a predetermined time and temperature. Once this temperature has been reached the mold is removed from the oven and dipped into liquid plastisol (PVC) compound. After being totally immersed, the mold is allowed to “dwell” in the plastisol for an appropriate period of time to achieve the desired molded thickness, carefully withdrawn to minimize and control drips or runs and then put back into the oven to “cure”. Once this cycle is complete the mold is cooled and the molded covering is removed and ready for secondary operations such as die cutting or pad printing with customer specific information and ultimately ready for its intended application.

(PVC) Plastisol Dip Molding….. The alternative you have been looking for to enhance your product’s appearance, design and performance.

All Innovative Coatings, Inc. Plastisol Dip Molding compounds can be formulated to meet a variety of customer specifications and requirements such as….. Color matching, Finish (gloss, texture, foam), Durometer, Mil-Spec, Non-toxicity, UV stability, Medical and FDA approvable grades.

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Advantages of Plastisol Dip Molded Products

  • Adds Color & Texture
  • Resistant to Corrosion, Abrasion and Impact
  • Impervious to most Alkalines and acids
  • Provides Electrical Insulation
  • Offers UV Stability
  • Enhances appearance and function with a non-slip cushioned feel
  • Creates the perfect surface for Company logos & Product I.D.
  • Sound and vibration Dampening

Tooling costs associated with Plastisol Dip molding are considerably less than other processes because only a male mold is required. Most molds are inexpensive and can be easily machined or cast. Our in-house tooling and fabrication department enables us to offer fast turnaround on prototypes and 1st article samples custom designed to your exact specifications. Once approved, we will provide necessary tooling for full production at a cost that is in line with your budget.

Quality & Service

Innovative Coatings Inc. has been in business for over 40 years. Our reputation for quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service precedes us wherever we go. We have a large and highly advanced manufacturing facility, along with a skilled workforce to create durable products for you.

Whether you need dip molding, dip coating, fluid bed powder coating or any one of our secondary operations; we’re always happy to assist you. We can color match based on your product specifications and even manufacturing using UV stable and other advanced coating formulas. Contact us today for quality dip molding and dip coating at an affordable price!