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Quality Protective Coatings & Custom Dip Moldings

Plastisol PVC Dip Coating

When dip molding won’t work, let us apply a (PVC) Plastisol coating directly on to your product! We can take your product and design customized fixtures that will render a consistent, high quality dip coating to your exact specifications whether you have 1 part or 1 million. The cycle times and temperatures along with the thickness of the substrate will determine the coating thickness which can range from .010″ up to more than .250″ in some cases. Dip coatings offer additional advantages such as eliminating the need to deburr base materials as well as filling and covering imperfections commonly found with castings. Prior to dip coating your product we can apply a primer coat which will bond the (PVC) Plastisol to the surface creating a durable protective coating with adhesion.

All Innovative Coatings, Inc. coating compounds can be formulated to meet a variety of customer specifications and requirements such as …..Color matching, Finish (gloss, texture, foam), Durometer, Mil-Spec, Non-toxicity, UV stability, Medical and FDA approvable grades.

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Common Applications for Plastisol Dip Coating include

  • Tool Handles
  • Wire forms
  • Castings
  • Electrical switchgear
  • Laboratory Glassware (Clearcoat)
  • Automotive
  • Medical Instruments
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Outdoor Playground Equipment
  • Marine applications
  • Bus Bars
  • Racks

Advantages of Dip Coating

There are many advantages to a dip coating process, particularly for parts and products that have an unusual shape. This means that all the seams of crevices of an object are evenly coated to ensure that no area of the surface is compromised. The dip coating also serves as an excellent protective shield against electrical currents and extreme temperatures. Finally and most importantly, a quality dip coating makes a product much more durable in a wide range of conditions, leading to improved performance over time.

Quality You Can Depend On

We have over 40 years of experience in the plastic molding and protective coating industry, so you can trust us to develop a solution that meets and exceeds the specific needs of your product or application. With an outstanding team of professionals who are dedicated to their work and a state-of-the-art facility like none other, Innovative Coatings Inc. is capable of consistently deliver high quality results to our wide range of customers across the country.

The various coating compounds that we offer meeting different requirements that are important to the durability of a product. From color matching to a textured finish to UV protection and beyond, we have all of your PVC dip coating needs covered! Contact us today for quality dip molding and dip coating at an affordable price!