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Plastisol Coating Meets Cutting Edge Technology

Plastisol coating is becoming an increasingly popular solution among industrial suppliers whose metal products need some kind of protective coating to increase their functionality and extend their durability. Because a plastisol dip coating can easily be applied to almost any object with an irregular shape without dripping or adhering unevenly, it’s the perfect way to put the finishing touches on a product or part before assembly. These days we are seeing plastisol coating being used in new and innovative ways to coat products that are in high demand.

One important area where plastisol coating is being put to use is in the military. Often the hardware in military vehicles is coated with plastisol to prevent damage from the sun and lock out moisture that could cause corrosion. This is one extremely important application of plastisol coating technology, and it is used to help soldiers do their important jobs day in and day out.

Another interesting application of plastisol coating technology can now be found on some optic fibres and cables. Optic fibre cables are used to create a digital connection between devices such as a satellite box and a television. For commercial use, optic cables are often employed in telecommunication, or to provide high speed data transport in an office building. Optic cables are always coated with plastic to protect them from moisture and prevent the cable from fraying over time. If the cable is being installed in a harsh setting, several layers of plastic sheathing may be added to ensure maximum protection. A plastisol coating on an optic cable creates a well-bonded and even layer of protection that will serve the product will for years to come.

As you can see, plastisol coating is becoming an important technique for more than just tool handles. Cutting edge technology makes use of plastisol coating to protect devices that are capable of accomplishing complex tasks. At Innovative Coatings Inc., we are proud to be a truly innovative coating company and partner with clients who are creating advanced products for every industry. We have over 40 years of experience in the field, so our reputation as a trusted source for coating speaks for itself.