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Die Cutting Explained

Die cutting is a process that is used to cut and shear low resistance materials like rubber, foil, cloth, paper and plastic. Many small items are produced using this method because it is quick and precise. In the early 19th century, die cutting began as a process for cutting shoe leather. From this point, it evolved to become a very precise process that allow manufacturers to cut and shear minimal amounts of material. There are two popular ways of die cutting; and they involve either using a rotary press or using a flatbed. A rotary press spins the material while shearing it, so it is much faster. The advantage of using a flatbed, however, is that the tools are much cheaper. Rotary dies are typically only a worthwhile investment if a high volume of products need to be cut on the die.

At Innovative Coatings Inc., we are proud to offer die cutting as one of our secondary services. We can design custom cutting methods for your product to meet the specific needs of your final application. Whether you need holes, notches, or some other unique custom shape, we have the equipment and technical expertise to perform professional die cutting. We offer die cutting as a secondary service because it compliments our primary services so well. We know that many of our customers are having their products covered in a coating or mold that will then be attached to something else or made to house another component, so we understand the need for very particular holes and shapes. Rather than investing in expensive die cutting machinery or having to take your product elsewhere, you can trust us to do all of your die cutting exactly the way you want it to be done.

Innovative Coatings Inc. offers several secondary services for your convenience. We want to put our customers first by continually expanding our customer service and machining abilities. We’re more than just coating experts; we’re a dedicated team that you can trust. With over 40 years of experience, we believe our successful track record speaks for itself. Contact us today to request a quote!