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Advantages of Nylon Coating

A nylon coating is typically applied to a product using a fluidized bed powder process. Setting the product in a nylon powder bed creates a smooth and even coat in just one step and eliminates the need for finishing work like deburring after the coating has adhered to the surface. The result is an attractive and glossy nylon coat that protects the item from moisture and gives it a more finished appearance.

There are several distinct advantages to using nylon coating on a product. First of all, the coating protects against harmful UV rays and corrosion of the metal underneath. This results in a more durable product that will last much longer. Nylon is also very resistant to abrasion that could be caused by coming into contact with rough surfaces or other objects. The protection that nylon offers can also be substantial when dealing with impacts created when the item is dropped or pushed into something. In fact, nylon provides 13 more times impact resistance than a PVC coating, making it a far superior form of impact protection. A final benefit that might be of great importance to some industries is that some nylon compounds are very hygienic. Any products that may be used to contain drinking water have to meet regulatory standards, so a nylon coating could be a great way to make sure that a product is up to par.

If you are considering a nylon coating for your product, contact us and we can consult with you on the best solution. Our industry expertise and technical knowledge enable us to meet and exceed your expectations from start to finish. We can put in place a customized process for your product and create the right compound for your application. In the end you will have a durable product with an attractive finish.

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