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The Advantages of Fluid Bed Powder Coating

When a fluid bed powder coating process is used to coat metal parts, the metal is first heated to help create a bond with the liquified powder once the two come into contact. The heated metal is then immersed immediately in the fluidized bed. The part needs to be kept moving while it is immersed to ensure that the coating covers the part evenly. After a few seconds, the part should be removed, and any excess powder should be taken off to keep the coating even. This can be done with an air sprayer. The part may need to be reheated to even out the coating, and then it should be allowed to cool down and harden.

There are many advantages to using a powder coating for metal parts. Powder coating offers the same protection and thickness as liquid coatings do, but powder does not have a tendency to run, drip or sag during application. This means that the result is a more consistent, even finish on the product. Running can be a concern for irregular shapes and sizes that would be hard to manage in a liquid coating process.

Another major advantage of fluid bed powder coating is that it is an efficient process. In many instances, powder overspray can be collected and recycled for use in another coating application. This means that 100% of the material is used, resulting a savings that is passed along to the client whose parts are being coated.

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of fluid bed powder coating is the relatively small investment that it takes to get a coating operation going. Unlike other systems the require expensive cleanup and monitoring equipment, fluid bed powder coating is simple and straightforward. Less wastewater is generated, so companies do not have to spend money on waste disposal for high volumes. This all results in a significant reduction in the cost.

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